orbital simulation

Orbital Distance Speed Intuition

3 June 2021

Or something like that XD I was discussing with a friend the deltaV requirements to fly to the Sun (~30km/s) for a simple route and we struggled a bit to intuitively grasp, why this requires more energy than leaving the solar system (which is a much bigger distance). But in space, distance does not matter. […]

Generic Webcrawler

3 June 2021

Do you sometimes have the issue that you have to come back to a webpage to see if an update is finally there? While many websites let you register for an update if a product is available again, most sites do not offer this service.In my particular case I was searching for a fixed parking […]

Fourier Fun

26 September 2020

Have fun playing around with the speed and the amounts of circles to create beautiful graphs 😉 While I often had to work with Fourier Transformations in the scope of computer vision and also during my master thesis to analyse electromagnetic frequencies, most of the times I simply used the equations, without thinking to much […]

Low Level Home “Automation”

27 July 2020

Like many humans and all Nerds, I really enjoy to place my life into metrics and keep an overview. Since my gf and I started making mead, it was of interest where we could store it during fermentation process. For that the temperature needs to be at least above 15°C and so we placed a […]

Interactive Corona Dashboard

10 March 2020

When the Corona epidemic reached Germany I got interested in the visual representations of the pandemic and was surprised that most awesome of them all, did not have a higher granularity for Europe than just the countries. Since all local medias were quoting the numbers of the Robert Koch Institute, and they provide the numbers […]

Deep Fakes with Sebastian Rendi Wagner

19 September 2019

Not long ago the first videos started showing up, were you could see people saying things which they never said in reality.This one really triggered goose bumps for me when I saw it firstSince then I was fascinated by the possibilities, but also of the dangers of this so called deep fakes. Recently I stumbled […]

Calculating amount of colorization for a psychological study

21 July 2019

Recently I got approached with the request of automatically calculating how much of an image got colorized by a test subject. In this case they had to draw on the shape of a human body to describe which parts of their body reacted most to the experiment.So we have a test sheet with some text […]

Augmented Reality App with Unity and Vuforia

19 May 2019

Today I came across this Playful Technology tutorial about the integration of augmented reality into Android apps, and was directly intrigued about the simplicity of the process and the powerful outcome! So far I have never worked with Unity, but I thought so oft about starting with it, that it was an easy decision to […]

Bitcoin Gold Visualisation

1 May 2019

Recently I was wondering how much gold a Bitcoin is currently worth.I calculated that it would just need a coin, little bigger than a 2 Euro coin. Since this is an easy calculation, but can be a good visualization of the worth of a Bitcoin, I created a dynamic representation of it in Java Script. […]

Money is Time – You pay with your time

6 April 2019

Everybody knows the phrase “Time is Money” but its also the other way round! I was often curious how long I need to work to pay for something. Mostly small things like a coffee or a ticket to the cinema.Since I am lazy and don’t want to do the calculations each time by hand, I […]

HTML Games with Phaser.io

9 February 2019

Last year a friend of mine had his 30th birthday, and on the search for a present I discovered Phaser. A free and super fun framework to quickly create browser games. Since he is a big fan of the anoying screeming chickens, I created a flappy bird version of it, which you can play here […]

Brightness values of images as 3D topology with Python

5 February 2019

I am still not sure why exactly, but yesterday an idea came to my mind at did not let it go until I wrote a small python script to make it happen.The idea was inspired by some Art of 3d cubes showing an image, minecraftstyle, where the topology was defined by the color brightness. It […]

Brain Blossom – Boost your Creativity

24 January 2019

Once upon a time I have read how to become an idea machine. TLDR: Write 10 ideas about a random topic per day to get more creative over time. Like: 10 ways to produce less garbage 10 ideas to mitigate hunger in the world 10 dates I want to have with my SO 10 ways […]

LED suit

21 January 2019

Since I am living in Cologne, one of the centers of carneval I want to build my own costume.Since I am a nerd, it has to include sensors and LEDs. There are 3 independent circuits, which can show different animations or colors.The control works in phase 1 with a flexsensor in my glove and some […]

Heart Rate Logger

20 January 2019

If you have a heart rate monitor and you want to log your heart rate in a way to choose yourself how to handle the data, HRLogger is the right tool for you.It saves your heart rate logs in the commonly used .csv format on your phone or directly uploads it to your private FTP […]