HTML Games with

By silviodc, 9 February 2019

Last year a friend of mine had his 30th birthday, and on the search for a present I discovered Phaser. A free and super fun framework to quickly create browser games. Since he is a big fan of the anoying screeming chickens, I created a flappy bird version of it, which you can play here in a depersonalized version!

From then onwards I got a little addicted to phaser and created various jump and run or arcade games with it. Since all of them are personalized, I wont share them here, but if you have the rigth password, you can check this one out for example. There I also included a firebase based fotobooth and guest book as well as highscores for the in game games^^

For the next game I will create one without private content, so I can share it here as well 😉