Money is Time – You pay with your time

By silviodc, 6 April 2019

Everybody knows the phrase “Time is Money” but its also the other way round!

I was often curious how long I need to work to pay for something. Mostly small things like a coffee or a ticket to the cinema.
Since I am lazy and don’t want to do the calculations each time by hand, I searched for an App that does this, and since there was none, I created one:
Money is time.

The app also shows you fun comparisons of tasks that take similar amounts of time than your required worktime for the entered expenditure. If you have ideas about other comparisons, just let me know 🙂

It also helps putting things into perspective and to remind you its not just $$$ you are spending, but life time.
So be thoughtful and spend your money for the things you enjoy most!


Since the App logic itself is super simple, I integrated the first time google analytics and crashlytics into it. Protip: Just integrate them at the end of the development phase, since you will get a mail for each time the app crashes, which can be more often than I am willing to admit. (No worries the version in the store is very stable^^)

But they are super powerful tools, which tell me out of the box how many people de-installed the app again and after what usage time, in which countries the app is used by how many users, in which activity they spend most time and if a crash occurs I get the crashlogs even with the code line where the error lies. And all that just for some minutes of integration time.
But I guess the development of this tools still pays of for google, since they get really deep insights on most apps on the market (also for iOS) and can understand or at least analyze human behavior probably better than anybody else o.0

You can find Money is Time here 🙂