Augmented Reality App with Unity and Vuforia

19 May 2019

Today I came across this Playful Technology tutorial about the integration of augmented reality into Android apps, and was directly intrigued about the simplicity of the process and the powerful outcome! So far I have never worked with Unity, but I thought so oft about starting with it, that it was an easy decision to […]

Money is Time – You pay with your time

6 April 2019

Everybody knows the phrase “Time is Money” but its also the other way round! I was often curious how long I need to work to pay for something. Mostly small things like a coffee or a ticket to the cinema.Since I am lazy and don’t want to do the calculations each time by hand, I […]

Brain Blossom – Boost your Creativity

24 January 2019

Once upon a time I have read how to become an idea machine. TLDR: Write 10 ideas about a random topic per day to get more creative over time. Like: 10 ways to produce less garbage 10 ideas to mitigate hunger in the world 10 dates I want to have with my SO 10 ways […]

Heart Rate Logger

20 January 2019

If you have a heart rate monitor and you want to log your heart rate in a way to choose yourself how to handle the data, HRLogger is the right tool for you.It saves your heart rate logs in the commonly used .csv format on your phone or directly uploads it to your private FTP […]