Drone Photography

By silviodc, 5 July 2020

What I like most about photography, is the capability to show somebody the world through different eyes. The most exciting areas are, where you show something in a way, humans can not perceive them. Like a long exposure time to draw with light into thin air, or super short shutter times to visualize processes which happen to quick to be observed by us, like explosions, things falling into water,…

That’s also the reason why I enjoy microscopic photography so much, where you start looking differently at the world, thinking how things would look when you observe them very closely. I have a 400x magnification camera and a foldable microscope where you can attach your phone for great images. For really really large things I also have a Newton telescope to take images of the Jupiter or other space objects.

What I was lacking for my whole life, but always desiring, was the middle ground between that, so see large structures like the Nazca lines, which you can’t grasp while you are standing on them. For that I needed birds I view.

Modern technology allows us even this feature and after I tried the DJI Mavic Air 2 recently with a friend, I was completely blown away what quality is already available for everyone. I started researching different models and ended with the hard decision between the DJI Mavic Mini (-affiliate) for around 500€ or the twice as expensive DJI Mavic Air 2 (-affiliate).

Since the Air 2, was the one that showed my this raw power and the amazing quality it was hard to rationalize for something weaker, but the most important point for me was in the end, that the Mini weighs below 250 gram (exactly 1 gram less :D), and therefore counts as a toy and only needs an insurance, but no registration and licence plate in Germany. (same for most other countries)
With 2.7k video and 12MP pictures, it anyhow provides good enough quality for social media 😉

Sooo expect lots of great pictures and videos from high up in the sky 😉