3D printed Phone holder

By silviodc, 21 January 2019

Last year I had the issue that I wanted to send a phone with a tripod to Mars in the scope of an experiment for the analog astronaut mission AMADEE-18. Since volume and weight are both critical for the stability of the tripod, but need to be as small as possible for space missions, I thought about 3D designing the phone mount for screwing it on top of a common item, like a water bottle.
In a real space mission it would then also be possible to send just the CAD file to Mars and let them print it on their own, to save the long delivery time and costs. There is a reason they have no Amazon over there.

In this case I printed it already and sent it by mail, so I could verify and test it beforehand.

You can check it out and download here. The screw was based on a different project and needs to printed seperately, due to manufacturing contstraints of 3D printers that use only one material

What do you think?

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