Mavic Mini first impressions

By silviodc, 27 July 2020

Hoooooooooooly Moly!
I haven’t been so impressed by a new toy for the last two decades!

Finally I have my own little spaceships to observe the world from above, like in many futuristic video games of the 90`s 😀

The quality of the hard and software is outstanding and I want to share some of my first shots.


Last weekend we visited an old castle in the center of Germany, which was the perfect oportunity to test my most favorite toy – the DJI Mavic Mini*!

Since even videos filmed by a toaster can look amazing after some editing and computer magic, I wanted to show how the raw footage of the DJI Mavic Mini looks unedited, so you can really make up your mind. In general I can totally recommend this Drone to everybody without Drone experience. (if you have some, I consider you a pro and capably of exactly knowing your needs and doing your research :D) :

Above image straight out of the Mavic

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